The magical dreamland unfurls,

As if from the folios of a fairy tale,

So real!

Yet, so dreamy!

Within the abyss of a dream within dreams,

My love, I pray thee,

To kiss me goodbye,

It’s time for you to part,

It’s time for me to wake up,

Away from you my dearest,

Away from our dreams,

Away from our tales,

Away from whispered nothings,

Away from the warmth of togetherness,

For, I do realize,

You dwell within my dreams,

In the dreams within my dreams,

We converse a million tales,

Of the crescent that peeped through,

Of the saffron rays that blushed at you,

Of the envious deep azure waves that roared,

But, it’s time for me to wake up,

But, it’s time for you to leave,

As the drapes of eyelids slowly unfurl,

Promise me, my love,

Promise me you will return,

To the fairytale,

Of dreams within dreams,

As the crescent shines above,

As the starlets shimmer above,

As my eyelids shut out,

The veridity of sunshine!





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