Continued from Nivedha Part 3

As the car zoomed ahead deep into the bustling streets of Trivandrum, I cared less about the crampy car interiors and stopped listening to the meaningless conversation made between VS and the driver. Somehow, all these didn’t matter to me anymore. My mind slowly drifted back to the pool of memories, back to the hustling highways of Bangalore. All those incidents which happened just 2 weeks back seemed to pop up as fresh as it happened moments back. My memories raced back!

My bike raced through the dusty roads of Bangalore and plummeted over the potholes. I was unsure whether it was my heart that raced fast or the bike. Nivedha had messaged long back about her arrival. As usual, I replied that I’m almost there. But, I had not even started then. I was deeply lost in the rushing sea of thoughts. This was not the first time we are meeting. This was not our first dinner together either. Still, this night and this dinner were special. We had a bad tiff as usual. Nowadays we fight more than we talk or love. She had again fought with me as usual. She, as her usual self was always good at picking up fights and irritating me with her sarcastic dialogues which she often said at the wrong time always. I would get heated up and usually end up shouting at her. Today was no different. We again had a heated argument, and this dinner was a sort of makeup dinner to let go of our differences. And yes, I was the one who apologised at last.

My bike screamed out loud as I twisted the accelerator. It seemed to shout at me, “Do you ever apologise to me, dummy?” Thankfully the Bangalore gullies and the Google maps seemed to be on my favour. I could cross all those busy signals fast, and finally, it was the last U-turn to the restaurant we had decided to meet.

Even before I made the U-turn, I could catch a glimpse of Nivedha’s pretty face staring out of the restaurant windows. She looked sad, and her eyes kept searching for me in vain. But, I was sure those eyes and face would change when I enter inside and sit near her. The gaze would turn hard. The most dreaded interviewer by every candidate ever will fail hopelessly in front of that stern gaze.

As I was parking my bike, my vocabulary counter started preparing like a nervous kid who was about to write his final exams. I began to ponder about what to say first or rather how to speak to her. I felt like a school kid who reluctantly drags his nervous self, down to the principal’s office. Finally, I entered the restaurant. The dimly lit lights only added to my woes by making me more perplexed. She looked up from the windows, and as soon as she caught sight of me, the sad face lit up in happiness. But, within a moment the happy face was replaced by her sinister form.

I took my seat opposite to her, and she diverted her gaze away from me, looking at some portrait placed on the other side. I suddenly felt uneasy. This was even more intimidating than the time I proposed to her first. I so badly wanted to move near her and give her a warm, tight hug. But, she clearly didn’t want me to even come near her as she had kept the space near her covered with her jumbo-sized bag.

I badly needed to break the pinpoint silence that existed between us and hence called out the waiter in the pretext of ordering something to eat. He walked up to me with a look of a sneer as if asking me, “so, you are the one who made a lady wait this long!”

“What would you like to have, sir?” he asked me in a polite yet odd way. “Whatever madam had ordered” I replied in a hurry. “But madam already said she would have whatever you order, sir.”

Now, that was a real ice-breaker. My lady was not too much angry at me at least. Silently listening to our conversation, she finally shifted her gaze back to me. Her dark black eyebrows made a little twist, and those lips finally broke into a gentle smile. Suddenly, a wave of relief flooded in my mind. Bang! I was back in the game at last.

I shifted my gaze back to her face, and I started staring at her lips. Her lips were deep red as if it was a ‘no entry’ board. Her eyes did the talking, rebuking me to follow the rules. But, like any crazy biker out there, I was determined to try and trespass the forbidden area.



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