Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala, nature’s lush green paradise better known as the “God’s own country” is famous for a multitude of reasons. One of the top reasons would undoubtedly be the beaches in Trivandrum. Just take a quick trip, and you will see beaches almost everywhere. Every breeze that cups the soul of Trivandrum whispers of rushing blue waves and golden sand dunes! Though I’m not a Trivandrumite, if you ask me to choose the place I love the most, I would happily choose Trivandrum. As I’m someone who loves to visit beaches, a beach visit was almost mandatory every weekend for us. So, here I pick the top 5 beaches in Trivandrum chosen by someone who loves Trivandrum!

1.The Kovalam Beach- Crystal Clear Waters And Rocky Shores!

When you think of Trivandrum, the first major attraction that comes in your mind would be the Kovalam beach. Kovalam is often touted as one of the major tourists havens. In general, no globetrotter will leave Kerala without a mandatory visit to Kovalam. It will be on the top checklist of any voyager. So, what makes Kovalam the ‘Paradise of the South’? The reasons are many!


  • The Sunset!

If you visit Kovalam, there is one thing you should never miss, and that is the sunset! Soak in the crimson, orange blend that completely transforms the Kovalam skies and makes it look as if a bowl of saffron threads were thrown up into the azure skies with cottony clouds!

  • The Coconuts!

The word Kovalam means ‘ a grove of coconut trees.’ And, true to its name, Kovalam is filled with stretches of land filled with coconut trees that tower up over your head and sways their head in a synchronized fashion as if listening to the tunes of the cool breeze that swishes their way through.

  • The Rocky Shores!

Another thing that makes Kovalam stand out is their rocky shores. As the deep blue waters rise up and strike hard on the charcoal-hued stones, you just couldn’t help but stand mesmerized by nature’s beauty!

  • The Brick Red Lighthouse!

Take a quick glimpse to the deep blue skies that tower over the beaches, and you will surely catch sight of the Vizhinjam lighthouse. The lighthouse, made of deep red and white hued stone bands are a delight to watch! Climb up the lighthouse, and you get to see the whole locality wrapped in carpets of green. One direction you can see the crystal blue shores of Poovar and the other direction you see the famous Bheemapalli mosque.

Best Time To Visit:

November To February marks the winter season and hence, is the best time to visit Kovalam. You can also check out the place during the monsoons, from June to August. A rain-drenched Kovalam invites you with glorious flora and fauna during this time.

Top Places To Visit Nearby:

– The Lighthouse and the beach nearby

– Vellayani Lake

– Neyyar Dam

– Vizhinjam Village

-Kovalam Art Gallery

Top Restaurants Nearby:

  • Leela Raviz
  • Udaya Samudra Kovalam
  • Taste Of Kerala
  • Turtle On The Beach

Churches & Temples Nearby

  • Inza Salempuri Church
  • Peniel Apostolic Church
  • Kovalam Avaduthura Devi Temple
  • Kizhathil Sree Mahaganapathy Temple
  1. The Shankumugham Beach- Where The Sea Wraps The Heart Of The City!

Shankumugham beach will always be my personal favorite as we live quite near to it and visit this beach often! It is just a stone throw away from the Trivandrum International Airport and is located at the Western part of Trivandrum right in the heartstrings of the bustling streets of Trivandrum. If you visit this spot by evenings, you will find it hard to find a proper parking spot all thanks to the crowd which swarms over the place every evening. It is one of the smallest beaches of Trivandrum, yet is famous for more reasons than one. This is also one of the most loved locations for film shooting. It is seen in films like Anavalmothiram, Meghamalhar, and Salt and Pepper to name a few.

  • The Vendors!

Take a quick stroll through the shores, and you will be greeted by vendors selling tangy mangoes dipped in chilies and salt, whiff the aroma of piping hot peanuts roasted and served in newspaper cones, and cone ice-cream sellers trying to lure the attention of kids.

  • The Religious Reference

Shanghumukham is also known as the arattukadavu of Lord Anantha Padmanabha. Every year, over thousands of Hindus, flock the shores to offer prayers in memory of their deceased loved ones. This ritual, known as ‘Bali Tharpanam’ is quite famous all over Kerala. Also, during Vinayaka Chathurthi, Shanghumukham again takes up the role of being the prime spot for Ganesha Nirmajam.

  • The Park

Shaghumukham also has a small park nearby where kids can run around and play to their heart’s content. The Jawaharlal Nehru Park of Traffic Signs also helps kids to learn the traffic signals while playing around with cycles.

  • The Sagarakanyaka

The famous Sagarakanyaka sculpture is one of the major attractions of Shanghumukham beach. Sculpted by the talented artisan Kanayi Kunjiraman, the sculpture is a humongous representation of a sunbathing Jalakanyaka. It is crafted to perfection using concrete and spans over 23m in length.

Best Time To Visit:

December To February during the winter seasons would be the ideal time to visit. But, the beach is open all throughout the year and you can visit the spot during evenings any day to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous beach.

Top Places To Visit Nearby:

  • Jawaharlal Nehru Park
  • Veli Tourist Village
  • Jalakanyaka Statue

Top Restaurants Nearby:

  • Uday Samudra
  • The Old Indian Coffee House
  • Sindhoor Palace

Churches And Temples Nearby:

  • Shankumugham Devi Temple
  • Peter’s Church
  • Sebastian’s Church
  • Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple
  1. Poovar- Where The Golden Sand Dunes Kisses The Cerulean Seas

The beauty of Poovar is never to be described; it is to be experienced! You might have seen all the beaches in the world, but if you have not seen the Poovar beach, you have sure missed the most breathtaking beach view ever! The first thing that came to my mind when I visited Poovar first was that, “How could the seas be so blue? How could the sands be so golden?” It was as if I stepped into dreamland with hues that seemed so ethereal! Located at the Southern tip of Trivandrum, this beach has hushed tales of romance to whisper in your ears.

  • The Lush Greenery

Soak in the lush green hues of nature to your heart’s content at Poovar! This is one of the spots which tells you nature can be the most gorgeous thing ever in this entire world. It further reminds us that no human-made thing can ever compete with the breathtaking beauty of nature. The green carpets are home to some exotic birds too.

  • The Back Waters

Take a trip through the backwaters in a boat and scoop the enchanting marvel of nature as your boat wades through nature’s paradise.

  • The Meeting Point!

Poovar is the only beach in Kerala which has a river on one side and sea on the other hand. The point where the sea meets the river can be the best sight ever you had ever seen!

Best Time To Visit:

During the winter seasons from November to February would be the ideal time to visit Poovar.

Top Places Nearby:

– Vizhinjam

– Thirparappu Falls

– Poovar Backwater cruise

Top Restaurants Nearby:

– Estuary Island Resort

– Chile The Floating Restaurant

– Haseena Restaurant

Churches And Temples Nearby:

– St.Barthalomeo Church

– St. Andrew’s Church

– Aazhimala Siva Temple

– Sree Dharma Shastha Temple

  1. The Varkala Beach- Where The Cliffs And Seas Set An Exotic View!

Another beauty beyond words, Varkala beach is one of the must-go destinations if you ever visit Trivandrum. Located along the Arabian sea, this beach is also known as the Papanasham Beach. This is one of the secluded spots of Trivandrum where you can bask in the beauty of nature without much disturbance as this spot is less crowded than the other beaches.

  • The Cliffs

What makes this beach more gorgeous is the countless cliffs that face the sea. All the cliffs are housed by massage centers, resorts, and cafes. No wonder this is one of the top tourist destinations in the city. The cafes and beaches along the cliffs might make you wonder whether this resembles the northern parts of Goa.

  • The Sunset

This spot also gives you one of the gorgeous views of the sunset. Climb up the cliffs and watch in awe as the golden sol kisses the seas!

  • The Romantic Aura!

When we visited this spot, we had stayed at a resort where the doors opened to the rushing seas and where we could sip our cups of coffee at the cliff tops listening to rushing waves near the cliffs. The resort even offers you candlelight dinners on the beaches, and hence, this spot is one of the most loved destinations of honeymooners.

Best Time To Visit:

During the winter seasons, from December to February would be the ideal time.

Top Places Nearby:

–  Varkala Cliff

–  Varkala Aquarium

–  Sivagiri

Top Restaurants Nearby:

  • Clafoutti
  • Café Darjeeling
  • Abba
  • Café Del Mar

Churches And Temples Nearby:

  • James Roman Latin Catholic Church
  • Mar Thoma Church
  • Janardanaswamy Temple
  • Kuzhivilakam Devi Temple
  1. The Veli Beach- The Perfect Spot For Entertainment!

Step on the banks of Veli beach, and you will be greeted by a water lagoon which is one of the rarest waterbodies just adjacent to the seas. Veli lagoon banks are bordered by large gardens which makes you fall heads over heels in love with this place. The destination is never short of entertainment and hence is one of the best places to take your kids to.

  • The Games

Visit Veli, and there will be no dearth of entertainment! Be it the boat rides, countless shopping stalls, horse rides, cafeterias, swimming pools or floating restaurants, Veli never ceases to entertain you! Take a spin over the Aakulam lake backwaters with a boat ride that will leave you awestruck!

  • The Long Walkway

There is a beautiful and long walkway that connects the beach to the Aakulam lake. The stones and grass sculptures further make the view worth the visit. The point where the creek meets the sea makes it a beautiful sight to behold.

  • The Sculptures

Besides the real sea and lake, Veli also has an artificial pond and sculptures that make it an even more alluring sight. Take a quick horse ride through the beaches and grab a snack from the shops nearby. Soak in the aubade rays and stay mesmerized as nature lures your senses!

Best Time To Visit:

Veli comes in full glory during the months from September to May. The Veli Tourist Village is open from 9 AM to 6 PM, all days of the week.

Top Places Nearby:

  • Aakulam Lake
  • Venpalavattom Mandir
  • Vibrance Spa and Wellness Centre

Top Restaurants Nearby:

  • Helen’s – An Authentic Sea Food Kitchen
  • KTDC Restaurant
  • Villa Maya
  • Zam Zam Restaurant

Churches And Temples Nearby

  • Thomas Roman Catholic Church
  • Andrew’s Church
  • Veli Sree Durga Bhagavathy Temple
  • Lord Shiva Temple

So, these are the top 5 beaches I have visited at Trivandrum. But, Trivandrum being the land of beaches and churches, there are still many beaches I have not yet had a chance to explore. So, this need not be the top 5 beaches at Trivandrum. There might be even more gorgeous beaches which deserve to be added in this list. If you know any beaches that rightly deserves to grab a position among the top 5 beaches, please do let me know in the comment section below. You can also write to me at with details and pictures of the beaches. And, I will make sure to add those beaches in the above list. Let us together create a foolproof top 5 list!


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