If you ask me what the one thing that I’m proud of the most is, then I can reply without batting an eyelid that it is the fact that I was blessed to be born as a Malayalee, in the lush green cradle of earth, rightfully known as God’s Own Country! Wherever I go, wherever I stay, the nostalgic aura of my land seems to pull me back with an irresistible impulsive force. So, what makes Kerala special? Well, to put it in words is a difficult task. Be it the lush green landscapes, the coconut tree canopies that swing its head as if humming to the tunes of the breeze, the golden yellow showers that erupt out of nowhere as an indication that Vishu is right around the corner or the touch-me-not’s that droops in protest as we jump up over them; the reasons are many! Also, being a foodie, how can I leave the food part? The delicious Kerala sadya, the whiff of banana chips being fried in unison at all households during the Onam, the spicy beef roast and flaky and fluffy porottas better known as Kerala’s own national food; the steamed rice pancakes filled with juicy jaggery and coconut mix carefully folded inside fresh banana leaves, the steamed rice cakes and dry roasted coconut gravy in black chickpeas, the golden laced palappams my grandma used to make along with mutton stew in thick coconut milk; the list is endless!

There Is More To It Than Meets The Eye!

But, is Kerala all about aesthetic beauty and delicious cuisines alone? No! Kerala opens a surge of opportunities for businesses to sprout, develop and flourish, spreading its roots all over the state. Though cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi are considered as a startup’s haven, cities like Cochin and Trivandrum are also joining the bandwagon by offering an ocean of opportunities to the new entrants.

If you are planning to kick-start your dream startup project in Kerala, patent filing is one of the most vital prerequisites. After all, your unique idea has to be protected in your name, right? So, how to get it done? Most of us feel the jitters when we need to complete the legal documentation procedures. These procedures can be muddling and time-consuming for anyone who is not used to it. In such cases, it is always better not to break your head over confusing legal loops. Instead, you can opt for patent filing experts like Vakil Search to do the job for you. And, nowadays these services are available online too! That makes the task a lot easier! So, what are you waiting for? Set your foot on God’s Own Country and explore the Midas touch of the land of backwaters and verdant landscapes.

Innovativeness And Malayalees Go Hand In Hand!

There is no dearth of talent and creativity when it comes to Kerala. People often come up with innovative ideas that leave us amazed. Like for example, the man who rightfully owns the patent for a beverage dispenser and mounting adapter for making ice. It was the brainchild of Shaji Kulangara Veetil who hails from Kannur. He developed the idea along with his two researcher friends. He came up with this innovative idea for Cornelius Inc., one of the world’s leading beverage dispensing machine producers.

The inventions made by Malayalees range from simple things like doormats to breakthrough inventions that have the potential to flip over the lives of people. Ivine Kuruvila and Naveen Jacob from Kottayam went on to invent GSM cell research, and carrier detection in the terminals of multimode whilst they were working for the top semiconductors and wireless products manufacturer, ST-Ericsson SA. These cutting-edge inventions were all secured by patents as the inventors opted for patent filing as soon as they came up with the breakthrough ideas.

Vivek Venugopal, a young inventor who is the managing director of William Goodacre & Sons located at the land of backwaters, Alapuzha is the patent holder of 8 US design patents. He protects his floor mats and coir mats identity with the help of these patents. This gives him a distinctive competitive advantage against others in the same field.

The above are just a few examples of the inventions and patents owned by intelligent innovators in Kerala. There are even more patent holders who had come up with interesting innovations that had made the world stop and take a look. So, if you are planning on making an innovative step in the land of spices and coconuts wait no more, the stage is all yours!


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