Memories, where do I lock you up?

Memories, why do I cling to you?

The gaze that lingered

The smile that made me breathless

The hands that held me tight

The tales of awe you narrated

As I sat confused

Whether I should just sit gushing

Feeling you so near my heartbeat

Hearing you breathe

Or listen to the tales you narrate

Oh! My stupid soul!

It never learned to concentrate

I could never comprehend your tales

How can I listen

When you are so near me?

How can I comprehend

When all I could hear was your heartbeat?

How can I interpret

When all I could see was you?

Oh! My stupid heart!

And, it turned heavy

Twitching for a gaze

Yearning for a touch

As we parted ways

And, I turned back one last time

To see you disappearing up the steps

And, I could feel the eyes moisten

As I turned my head away

Oh! My stupid soul

It still clings to the memories

Wishing fervently for a rewind

Wishing I could listen to those tales

One more time!

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