The heavenly orb of night glowed with a magnetic spell

Gushing like a stream of milky dew drops

Caressing the inky blue skies

Wrapping it up in silvery laceworks

Entrancing my soul

Pulling me deep within

The knots of magical embrace

The knots that I wish never unties

The knots that pull me deep within

Deep inside the milky mildews

Within the magically warm white glow

The glow that makes diamonds drop their head in shame

The glow with a celestial unmatched aura

That soothes the charred bruises within me

Instilling a new lease of life

Instilling a new gush of hope

Caressing my soul in an entrancing spell

A spell I wish not to break free!


Very often we fail to notice the captivating beauty of nature around us. When we search in vain for beauty elsewhere, we fail to look up above our heads up to the sky! I have always felt that the moon casts an entrancing spell on me. On those full moon days, just step outside and look up. You can see one of the most beautiful creations ever! The silvery white rays seem to pull you up with a magnetic spell you just can’t ignore. It is magically soothing too. It always seems to soothe my heart and make it light as a feather. We cannot be wrong to conclude that nature offers the best medicine for worn out souls! The gorgeous white silvery laceworks embrace me in knots of serenity and I wish not to untie these knots!




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