The azure waves roared out loud like wet flames,

Ready to engulf me within the maddening crests,

The crimson sand dunes burned red hot,

Ready to engulf me within the burning desires,

She sat calm and composed darting an electrifying gaze at the waves!

Her eyes with a magical aura that made the waves roar out in jealousy!
I wrapped her up in blankets of passionate embrace,

The waves roared louder and louder,

Deep azure turned green with jealousy!

Crusts of deep frustrations grew higher and higher,

Trying in vain to snatch her away!

But the roars no longer bothered my soothened soul!

I beamed at the waves holding her closer,

You the roaring azure, mocked me out loud,

When I sat dejected, alone & benumbed!

Now it is my turn to mock out loud,

Your inability to caress the red hot sand dunes!

For, now matter how high you rise,

You never reach the lands of passionate embraces!

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