As i gaze out into the abyss
Of deep azure skies
With insubstantial pink strokes
That twists and turns into knots
Of rampaging peppery smoulders,
As if they eavesdrop into
My disquiet soul
Of rampaging unresolved queries.
I pull down the veils of peripheral visions,
And delve deep into the plethora
Of indwelling pangs and pathos.
The nippy zephyr catches me unaware,
Twirling my tresses in an erratic prance.
Droplets of untouched drizzles,
Wrap over my pensive silhouette.
The drizzles begin to pour helter skelter
Drowning away the tribulations,
Washing away the pangings!
As i gaze up once more to the thundery roars,
The pouring cloudburst seem to whisper,
That a fresh new dawn awaits!

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