She flew up on cottony clouds

Clouds that weighed so less

Clouds that had dreamy snow hues

Clouds that whispered love

Clouds that turned everything else frivolous

Clouds that pulled veils over sensibilities

Clouds that turned a blind eye to the veracity

But then, the sol rose up

The golden rays seeped in

Blinding the cottony clouds

Melting the dreamy snow hues

Illuminating the fact that

frivolous is indeed imperative

Unveiling the veils that hid sensibilities

Opening the eyes to the veracity

She dropped down from the clouds

Bruised and battered

Unable to withstand the heat

The heat that engulfed her

The heat that burned her down

But, then she caught sight of the dew drops

That rose up from the verdant turf

The turf that was firmly rooted in the soil

The turf that lifted its heads up to the sol

Facing the veracity

Accepting the sensibilities

And, she picked cues from the verdant turf

To stay rooted and look up to the sol

To stay rooted and shout out to the sol

That you cannot burn me down again!

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