You tied me up with your magnetic eyes

You pulled me close with your alluring gaze

You pushed me aside with your rebuking gaze

You hid your love in those bashful eyes

But your eyes gave away the sea of passion

But your smile gave away the tenderness

Your eyes were a sea of poetry

Your smile was a gush of affection

No words were spoken

No sounds were heard

But, I read your heart in the mystifying dark

But, I heard your love in the rapid heartbeats

I struggled to hold back my love

The love that brims within me

Celebrating you, every moment

Yearning to talk to you

Yearning to move closer

Yearning to be trapped in your gaze

But, then, you stare at me with a sea of passion

And, I turn helpless

As you tie me up with your magnetic eyes.


Idea credit goes to my friend. I’m just an editor here. Taking the liberty to post it here as it is not something to be hidden unread.

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