Hi! I’m Eivine Renny, a writer who loves to prance around with words! Writing had been my ultimate passion ever since I learned to hold my pencil in the toddler days. Being a single child who didn’t have the luxury of YouTube, cartoons and video games of the present generation, my besties for life where books! My mother was the one who introduced me to the fantastic world of words that wove tales and poetry. One day when she returned from work, she had a big book in her hand. It was Enid Blyton’s “The Naughtiest Girl In The School.” I took it awestruck and asked her how I’m going to finish reading such a big book. She asked me to try it once and to both her and my surprise, I finished reading it in a stretch without even taking a break. That was my first step into the world of books, words, reading, and writing.

Thus, I grew up in the magical world of words, never ceasing to be amazed by the power of words. I used to scribble on the back of my notebooks, on old calendars, writing pads, and even on the walls of my room. After finishing school, I headed out to college, completed my BTech in Civil Engineering and then proceeded to do my Masters in Business Management. I started my career as a Civil Engineer and worked for 4 years in the Construction Industry. All these 4 years, even though I loved drawing plans and interacting with clients, I missed and craved for my passion, writing! The hectic work schedules seldom gave me time to write. Still, I used to stay up late and write about anything and everything that came to my mind. Writing, to me was always a continuous flow of words. I never felt belittled with words. It was my solace, my love, and my passion. It helped me in every step of my life and helped me deal with every emotion ranging from healing the wounds of the heart, sharing the little joys of life, comforting in hours of distress and venting out my anger when things go wrong.

Red was always my favorite color. Red is the color of fire, passion, strength, power, determination, desire and love. I could relate myself the most to this color, and the fiery presence it bestows on you.

After I took a career break to take care of my two babies, I was again on the lookout for a career option and this time I decided to choose my passion above all. Writing was something I loved the most, and I decided that my future also lies in it. Thus, I stepped into Digital SEO where I got the first chance ever to pursue a career in something I loved the most- writing! Now, I’m happy in my little space with 2 little treasures, a baby girl and boy, a hubby who always supports my writing sprees even if it means getting up at midnight to scribble my thoughts. I’m also blessed with a career which gives me the opportunity to explore the writer in me, not to forget the handful of precious friends over here who supports me, teases me and is ever ready to listen to my nonstop chatter!

Besides writing, I love cooking, I love to experiment with new recipes and the smile on my little one’s faces when they gobble it up would be the most priceless reward I can get for that. I also love clicking pictures, soaking in the enticing beauty of nature and traveling, exploring the beauty of unseen places, nature, and architectural marvels. This website would be a window to my world of writings which would be a mix of pure fictions, poetry, real-life encounters and much more! Take a look to get hooked to the wonder of words!